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Services Provided:

We offer Individual Mental Health Therapy, Marital Counseling (Pre and Post), Family Counseling, Psychosocial Assessments and Evaluations, Supervision, Apprenticeships as well as Health Coaching to the communities of Middle Tennessee. We work with clients (Adolescents & Adults) who are experiencing depression, anxiety, disruptive behaviors, trauma, abuse, grief, bipolar symptoms and other behavioral and mental health issues. We offer pre-marital as well as post-marital counseling for couples who want to strengthen their relationship. Our testing and assessments provide additional insight to our clients. Our supervision and apprenticeships provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement upcoming professionals. Our Health Coaching centers around assisting clients who are going through health transitions or have health goals they want to achieve. Listed below is further information about the services we provide to our clients:

Individual Mental Health Counseling & Therapy 

Teague and Associates offer specialized services that focus on adolescents and adults. Specific services provided to ADOLESCENTS include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychoanalysis, Behavior Modification and Trauma Focused Therapy. Specific services provided to ADULTS include, Person Centered, Psychoanalysis, and Cognitive Behavioral Interventions that allow us to focus on many specific mental health issues.

Marital Counseling (Pre-Marital and Post Marital) 

Teague and Associates uses the PREPARE and ENRICH approach and several other interventions for couples counseling. PREPARE is a resource for engaged couples. It offers insight on individual, marital and family goals. It focuses on areas such as finances, parenting styles, religion, sex, lifestyle etc. ENRICH is a resource to help marriages re-establish a strong relationship by resolving conflicts that will create a deeper and healthier relationship. Your marriage is one of the most important and satisfying relationships you will ever have. And like any quality relationship, to get a lot out of it, you have to put a lot into it. A successful marriage takes an investment of time, effort, and a commitment to your partner and the relationship.

Family Counseling and Psychotherapy

Teague and Associates focus on the different specific issues that affect the stability, health and wellness of the family and its members. Life stressors can knock a family off balance and bring strain on the members and family unit as a whole. Family counseling is an effective way to positively address these events and the problems that may develop within the family and its members. Problems such as anxiety, depression, infidelity, divorce, parenting, death, substance abuse, unresolved conflict and unforgiveness may all be addressed during family counseling. Family counseling empowers the family and its members through problem-focused and emotion-focused treatment that enhancing understanding, predicts challenges and influences desired outcomes. Family members learn how to resolve conflict, initiate healthy communication, and support one another through good and difficult times.

Sports Performance Enhancement

Mental Awareness, Focus, Visualization, and Performance. Dr. Teague's goal is help you become the "Machine That You Are" as an athlete. As an athlete your mind and body has to work well together in order for you to be successful. One cannot be allowed to interfere with the other if the athlete wants to have peek performance. Dr. Teague's goal is help athletes overcome chronic mistakes and problems in their sport. His goal is also to help each athlete to reach the "zone" performance more frequently. Being in the zone happens when mind, muscles and muscle memory are in sync. Dr. Teague believes that many athletes can train their minds to implicitly work with their bodies in a way that increase the probability of zone performance. He has enjoyed and have been successful working with athletes of all ages.

Psychosocial Evaluations, Testing, & Assessment 

Teague and Associates offers Outpatient Clinical, Medical (Pre-surgery), Forensic, Military, Law Enforcement, Personnel, and Immigration Psychosocial Evaluations. 


Teague and Associates also offers testing and assessments for child, adolescent, and adult Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), child, adolescent, and adult Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), child, adolescent, and adult Developmental Trauma (DT), adolescent and adult Psychosocial Development (Personality), Alcohol and Drug Assessment (A&D) and many more. 


PLEASE NOTE: We offer a very extensive list of assessments, test and evaluations. Feel free to browse the list, but please contact us for specific questions and decisions pertaining to the appropriate assessment, test or evaluation for your needs. We look forward to helping you. 


Click Here to browse our Pearson tests, assessments, and evaluations.


Click Here to browse our BDS tests, assessments, and evaluations.

 Supervision & Apprenticeships 

We provide supervision for graduates seeking to obtain licensure and apprenticeships opportunites for undergraduates who plan to attend graduate school to seek a graduate degree in counseling, social work and other related fields. Our supervision is taylored to each individual supervisee's mental health training needs and goals. Our apprenticeships provide students the opportunity to start to learn the different components of the mental health profession. It is our goal to support our supervisees and apprentices as they experience the diversity and understand the opportunities in the mental health profession.

Health Coaching  

As a personal health coach, we work with clients who are going through health transitions or have health goals they want to achieve. Our approach to health coaching takes into account the client's whole life and increases personal awareness of mind, body, and values. By taking steps to improve your health, you will improve other parts of your life. The focus is on positive health change. In Health Coaching the topics and agenda are driven by our clients. Some examples are: relationship to food, stress management, emotional eating, sleep patterns, and motivation to exercise. Focusing on these topics and other health topics will bring positive changes to areas such as; lower blood pressure, lower resting heart rate, weight loss, smaller measurements, and changes in beliefs about food, exercise and health.

We accept insurance and self-pay

Insurances accepted are:

-Blue Cross Blue Shield

-TRICARE (Military)


-Beacon Health Options 

-United Health Care (UMR)

-Optum (United Behavioral Health)






Self-Pay Rates for Counseling and Psychotherapy

$125 - 150 per session (Dr. Corey M. Teague)

$110 - 120 per session (Emily S. Teague, LCSW)

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